TLMC Membership Info

Membership fee:

$30.00 per year no matter where it is purchased. TLMC is 100% driven by volunteers and our members can get involved in many ways. Contact us (click the Contact Us Tab and fill out the form) for more information.

Memberships will NOT be available at events.

New Membership:

To join TLMC go to
If you are new to the system, follow the link “NEW”, complete your profile.
Choose TLMC from the drop down list.
CASC-OR accepts membership payment by credit card.

Renewing Membership:

If you are a past TLMC member or any CASC affiliated club “LOG IN” using your username.
If you have forgotten your user name, contact the membership admin via the club’s email address:
If you have forgotten your password, once you type in your username,
click on Forgot Password and you will be sent a temporary password.
DO NOT set up a new profile.
Be sure to update your profile.